Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tatua Kenya

Last weekend we officially launched Tatua Kenya.  Be The Change- Kenya is an initiative of an umbrella organization of Tatua Kenya, which is the actual NGO.  We hosted a Nyama Choma at the home/office.  The turn out was great.  There were people here from the community and the organizations we work with.  It was fun just to gather and fellowship without the agenda of fundraising.
Rose (one of the young adults) and I manned the registration table. 
I have been working hard on my Swahili.  The boys at Tumaini have been helping me so I have spent  a lot of time over there.
Tete, he is a neighbor of Tumaini and comes over for lunch each day.

Peter, the boys decided they want to have a car making competition.
Also Sam McDonald from the church office in New York was here a couple of weeks ago and Natalie and I got to spend a day with him and show him around Rongai and Nairobi. We got to take him to see 3 of our projects.  We had a great time! He is on his way back to the US now.
Sam with one of the children at Dream's Children's Home
More updates to come later this week. Happy weekend!

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