Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. -Harold R. McAlindon

We discussed this quote a week ago at our staff meeting and I have been thinking about it all week in what I have been doing.  This quote describes BTCKE's work well right now.  Community development and ground up change are new and each time we do something we enter uncharted territory, but I believe as we go we are learning and leaving marks to reveal how we have arrived where we are.  It is exciting and there is solidarity found here, knowing we are not the only ones creating a new path, but other people are out there experiencing challenges and overcoming them together at the same time.

Gibson and Chariss getting ice cream after our flower search.
This past week was spent in preparation for a retreat we had on Saturday for the directors of our partner organizations and the young adult team coordinators and even some of the local advisory network members.  It was a long, full, and productive day.  One of my jobs through out the week was some of the logistics around getting the house ready and the materials ready.  I had the lovely idea of getting fresh flowers to just pretty up the house, so on Friday I took two of the boys from Tumaini into Rongai with me so they could help me buy them and I kid you not, we walked around for at least 3 hours and did not find ANY fresh flowers.  If I had wanted fake flowers we would have been golden, but fresh flowers just did not exist.  Hakuna maua Rongai. (There are no flowers in Rongai.) So after 3 hours of walking I bought them some ice cream and we called it a day.  Overall it was great time that I got to spend with them and meet some of their friends that live in Rongai.

The retreat started Saturday morning at 9AM so naturally everyone arrived at about 10AM.  The goal was to strengthen the relationship between the young adults and the directors of the organizations.  There has been some disconnect between the 2 program areas over the past few months.  I would say it was successful and communication was improved and action plans to finish out the year were created.  It is so fun to have so many incredible people in the same room working towards something together.

Mike and Leslie at the installation, yes that is tinsel around their necks.
After the long day Saturday I got to take Sunday and Monday off which was nice.  Sunday was Mike's installation at church.  It was quite the service, a little long, but it was fun.  Monday I spent time with my friend Vickie who started a prison ministry here called Nafisika Trust.  She is seriously one of the most courageous people I have ever met and I would encourage you all to read more about her work.  I am so thankful for her passion and the conversation we got to have because working here is hard.  Just like I mentioned earlier new challenges arise everyday and sometimes they seem much too big.  Honestly, they are too big.  At least they are too big for me or Vickie or anyone else by themselves, but we are not by ourselves, and I say "phew!" to that.  Kuwa na wiki njema, asante kwa kusoma! (Have a good week, thanks for reading!)

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  1. Wow! It's really cool that you get to see Mike and Leslie. I hope you can find many fresh flowers in your work.