Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Hello friends! It has been entirely too long since I have given you an update and since I am back in Kenya it feels needed. Yes, I am back in Kenya! But only for 2 weeks. If you followed me last year, you know a group from Trinity Church in Boston came to work with their Pamoja partner Nyumba Ya Tumaini and in an effort to continue this partnership I am back to do some more work with Tatua and Nyumba Ya Tumaini. It was a long journey over here, but I cannot express how happy and thankful I am to be back.

The past couple of months have been full of seeing people and spending quality time with my family. Also I have made some decisions about my future. Just a quick update- I have decided to defer graduate school in Boston for a year. There are many factors that went into the decision, but I feel good about it and as I make more decisions I will let you all know.

All of the new YASCers have been out at their placements now for a few months and they are all doing incredible things once again. If this is a program you are interested in check out the website because they are accepting applications now for next year. Please continue to pray for current, past and present YASCers and for the global mission of the church.

I know this was brief, but expect a few more stories throughout my time here and a full report when I return home. Thanks again for being a part of this with me. 

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