Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One Week In

Well today will mark one week that I have been in Kenya.  I feel like I have done so much already.  I have gotten to meet many of the young adults that work with BTCKE and all of the directors of the partner organizations.  Everyone has been so wonderful.  I have even had a chance to meet some people working to start organizations to improve their communities.  Their stories are so powerful and I am so encouraged by their passion.

I wish I knew how to express how incredible the work is that the young adults are doing with their partner organizations.  They are truly going out into their communities and engaging them in the work to fight child poverty.  I am blown away by them and I just met them so I cannot wait to get to know them all better.

Today I overcame my fear of getting in a matatu, which is the public transportation.  It is an adventure to say the least, but it is completely doable.  I went to visit Huband Orphanage.  Huband is one of the organizations that BTCKE is working with this year.  I met with Irene.  She is the manager and does a fantastic job.  She works incredibly hard.  There are 32 children living at Huband.  They are all either orphaned, vulnerable (meaning their parents have HIV/AIDS), or from the streets.  There are 20 boys and 12 girls right now.  Luckily they were still on holiday so I got to meet most of them today or at least see them.  When I got there they were dancing and don't you worry I captured a short video clip that I will include along with a few pictures of the home.

Huband Orphanage

I will be visiting the rest of the organizations during this week as well.  Expect an update from each visit in the next couple of weeks.


  1. Love hearing about your adventure!

  2. what a big orphanage! love the video :) hehe.
    keep the posts coming! :)

  3. Next video needs to be you in there daning with them. Seriously though;) That's incredible they can house all 32 of those kids.