Sunday, December 16, 2012

It is almost Christmas! I finally feel more in the Christmas spirit because everywhere is decorated now and I watched Elf.  There are many more movies that I would kill to watch- A Christmas Story, Muppet Christmas Carol, Christmas name a few.

 Birthday decorations and boys peeling potatoes for the stew.
Anyways last Wednesday was a Jamhuri Day, which is a national holiday similar to our independence day.  It was also my dear friend Gibson's birthday and 12.12.12, which is cool. Gibson is one of the boys that lives at Tumaini.  He is a remarkable young man and he does so much to take care of his younger brothers at the home so we all wanted to do something special for him.  The boys planned a party for him and I just helped facilitate it.  He had no idea.  The boys invited all of their friends and the decorated.  We cooked all morning.  We had rice, chapati, and beef stew.  Tony (one of the young adults from BTCKE) brought his computer over so there would be music.  Gibson was shocked when he got there.  I think there were over 30 people at the home and everyone had a great day.  Unfortunately my camera died half way through the day so I do not have pictures of the fun traditions that happened at night.  I will tell you about them though.  After we ate and hung out we all went into the sitting room where the music was and people gave speeches about Gibson.  It was sweet. Then they played a game where he had to stand in the middle and people could ask him ANYTHING and he had to answer. Then he had to dance ALONE for everyone.  Then when it was time to cut the cake he had to pick a girl to help him blow out the candles and then another one to help him cut it.  I had bought him trick candles so I was glad when he did not pick me for that part, but he did pick me to help him cut the cake.  After we cut the cake he had to feed me a piece. It was a little like a wedding. The final tradition was that they had to "wash" him, meaning throw water on him when he least expects it.  It was like a coach getting the cooler dumped on him after he wins a football game.  Now that I know about all of these traditions I think I will keep my birthday a secret :)
The birthday boy (middle) with Jacob and Tony (2 of the young adults that work with Tumaini).

On Friday night I took all of the older boys that once lived on the street to see a free screening of Nairobi Half Life.  The movie is really good. It is Kenya's entry into the Oscar nominations.  The boys had a great time. I have been wanting them to see it because it is about the street life of Nairobi.  On the way home we stopped at a local reataurant/pub type place in Rongai and got some nyama choma (meat) and ugali.  We did not reach home until about 1AM.  Due to Africa time the movie started at least 2 hours late, but that was ok because the boys were an hour late getting to my house so naturally it all worked out fine.
Me with all of the boys at the movie screening.

Today Mike and Leslie invited me to Pangani Lutheran Children's Center (PLCC), which is a home for girls in Rongai.  Mike gave the sermon at the confirmation and baptismal service that was held there today.  It was a really sweet service.  Five girls were baptized and 3 were confirmed.  The home is beautiful and it was a fun celebration. 
Confirmation service at PLCC.

Some of the girls dancing and singing at the service.

The PLCC home.

In other news since  have last blogged. Sarah and Natalie have been back in the states.  I had some people over for dinner one night.  We made ugali and fish.  The fish we bought at an unmarked fish place which they fried for us in the street right outside.  It was delicious.  I have had a car which has been great because the day I got to start using it all matatus went on strike because of the new traffic laws.  They are back working now, but it was a hard 4 days for people because no one could get anywhere.

Mike and Leslie's daughter comes to visit next week so I will get to spend some time with her before I leave for South Africa on Friday! I am guessing it will be 2013 before I blog again so everyone have a great holiday season! Thanks again for your love and support.

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  1. Yay Christmas in Kenya!!! Love the pics and the posts jenny keep them coming!!